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讲座题目:Constant Job-Allowance Policies forAppointment Scheduling: Asymptotic Optimality and Numerical Analysis


时间: 2019424日(周三)

地点:文科楼管理学院1400  14:30-15:30 



We consider the appointmentscheduling problem, which determines the job allowancefor each customer over the planning horizon. In particular, we study a simpleyet effective scheduling policy--the so-called “plateau policy”, whichallocates a constant job allowance for each customer. Prior studies onappointment scheduling suggest a “dome shape” structure for the optimal joballowance, which implies that job allowance does not vary significantly in themiddle of the schedule, but varies at the beginning as well as the end of theschedule. Using a dynamic programming formulation, we derive an explicitperformance gap between the plateau policy and the optimal schedule, andexamine how this gap behaves as the number of appointments increases. We showthat the “plateau policy” is asymptotically optimal with respect to the numberof appointments. We further extend this result to a more general setting withmultiple service types. Numerical experiments show that the “plateau policy” isnear optimal even for a small number of appointments, complementing thetheoretical results we derived. Our result provides a justification and supportfor the “plateau policy”, a commonly used appointment policy in practices.



主要研究兴趣为供应链管理、服务运作管理、信息系统及管理,研究成果发表于OperationsResearch, Management Science, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Mathematics ofOperations Research, Naval Research LogisticsIISE Transactions等学术刊物,2014-2018连续入选Elsevier“中国高被引学者”榜单。

主要学术荣誉包括获“国家杰出青年科学基金”(2011),上海市“优秀学术带头人”(2016)和上海市“育才奖”(2014);2018POMS HealthcareOM论文竞赛第一名(Winner),2018INFORMS IBMService Science学生论文竞赛第一名(FirstPlace,导师),2018INFORMSUndergraduate Student Best Paper Competition优胜奖(Finalist,导师)。

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