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讲座题目:Feedback Stackelberg Games for DynamicSupply Chains with Cost Learning

主讲人:Professor Suresh SethiUniversity of Texas at Dallas

时间: 20181229日(周六)

地点:文科楼管理学院1400  9:30-11:00 



We consider a decentralizedtwo-period supply chain in which a manufacturer produces a product withbenefits of cost learning, and sells it through a retailer facing aprice-dependent demand. The manufacturer’s second-period production costdeclines linearly in the first-period production, but with a random learningrate. The manufacturer may or may not have the inventory carryover option. Weformulate the resulting problems as two-period Stackelberg games and obtaintheir feedback equilibrium solutions explicitly. We then examine the impact ofmean learning rate and learning rate variability on the pricing strategies ofthe channel members, on the manufacturer’s production decisions, and on theretailer’s procurement decisions. We show that as the mean learning rate or thelearning rate variability increases, the traditional double marginalizationproblem becomes more severe, leading to greater efficiency loss in the channel.We obtain revenue sharing contracts that can coordinate the dynamic supplychain. In particular, when the manufacturer may hold inventory, we identify twomajor drivers for inventory carryover: market growth and learning ratevariability. Finally, we demonstrate the robustness of our results by examininga model in which cost learning takes place continuously.


SureshP. Sethi任教于德克萨斯州立大学达拉斯分校,是Charles& Nancy Davidson运作管理的杰出教授,智能供应网络中心主任(theCenter for Intelligent Supply Networks)Sethi教授为加拿大皇家科学院院士,其在运作管理、营销、工业工程、最优控制等领域做出了杰出贡献。最为人熟知是Sethiadvertising modelDNSSPoints以及有关最优控制的教科书,如OptimalControl Theory: Applications to Management Science and Economics

Sethi教授在国际主流期刊上发表学术论文400多篇,其中ManagementScience 11,Operations Research 17,Production and Operations Management 23, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management5篇。Sethi教授曾为Production andOperations Management协会主席,同时为Productionand Operations Management期刊的DepartmentEditorSIAMJournal on Control and Optimization的责任编辑,Automatica的副主编。担任Management ScienceOperationsResearch(OR)IIETransactions(IIE)Manufacturing& Service Operations ManagementProduction & Operations Management (POMS)Journal ofOperations Management (JOM)20余种国际重要期刊的编委或审稿专家。




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