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讲座题目:Optimization Modeling for Some Problems in Transportation






In this talk, I shall discuss two problems in transportation research: (I) traffic demand estimation in a star network and (II) GPS trajectory data segmentation for identifying business points. We propose mathematical models for the captured problems by adopting the entropy maximization approach. Numerical algorithms based on Newton’s methods are designed to solve the optimization problems. Simulation experiments are then given to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our methods.


Ching is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Hong Kong. He obtained his B. Sc. and M. Phil. degrees in Mathematics and applied Mathematics from the University of Hong Kong. He then received his Ph.D. degree in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has previously taught at the department of applied mathematics of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and also the department of mathematics of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Before joining his Alma Mater, he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematical Studies of the University of Southampton, where he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in operations research.

Ching was awarded the Best Student Paper Prize (2nd Prize) in the Copper Mountain Conference (Colorado University and SIAM) U.S.A. (1998), the Outstanding PhD Thesis Prize in the Engineering Faculty, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1998), the Certificate of Merit in the IEEE (Hong Kong Section) Postgraduate Student Paper Contest, Hong Kong (1998), the Croucher Foundation Fellowship, Hong Kong (1999), Doris Zimmern HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall Fellowship (2011), Doris Zimmern HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall Visiting Fellow (2012-), HKU Overseas Fellowship Award (2013) and 2013 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Second Prize) from the Ministry of Education in China (2014), Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, (2017).

He is an author/editor of over 350 publications including over 200 journal papers, 5 edited journal special issues, 6 books and over 110 book chapters and conference proceedings. He has been served as a referee for more than 100 journals and book series. His research interests are Operations Research, Scientific Computing and Stochastic Modeling.

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