Training Plan for International Doctoral Students of Major Management Science and Economic Decision(Trial)

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By taking the specific situation of College of Management and the major of Management Science and Economic Decision into consideration, it is hereby formulated this training plan to improve the cultivation quality of the international doctoral students in the subordinate discipline doctoral program of Management Science and Economic Decision. The plan is based on Shenzhen University General Rules Concerning Training Plan for Doctoral Candidates and Shenzhen University Temporary Measures (Trial) for International Majors and Enrolment.
I. Training objectives
1. To cultivate doctoral students who possess international perspective, strong in profession, creative in mind, well in comprehensive quality, and who can also be categorizedas high level interdisciplinary talents in the field of Economic Management
2. To cultivate doctoral students who have systematically learnt the theory, method and technology of Modern Economic and Management Science, and who can apply the relevant theories and methods to analyze and solve the problems of Economic Management decision in reallife.
3. To cultivate doctoral students who are fit to work in government,financial institutions as well as enterprises and public institutions.
II. Research Direction
Three distinctive and fruitful research directions have been formed in thismajor.
1. Decision Optimization and Market Behavior. There are two sub research directions: (1) Optimization Decision. Dedicate itself to taking advantage of Econometrics,Data Modelling to do the task of informationcollection, data mining, data classification and prediction.With the help of these methods, business administration problems in reality, such as the choice of enterprise investmentportfolio,supply chain management and control,as well as construction and optimizationof enterprises’e-commerce platform, can be resolved by using optimization theory. It can provide optimized decision scheme, and enhance the level of scientific decision making in business administration. (2)Micro Market Behavior.By applying theories in economics, behavioral science, modern management and marketing, as well as methods in statistical analysis, problems,such as enterprise marketing behaviors, business decision making in the new trend of e-commerce, product pricing and rational deployment of market resources, can be solved. In the meantime, corresponding decision scheme in market behavior can be developed, and ultimately enterprise’s competitiveness will be improved.
2. Resources and Environment Management.Under the new trend ofenergy saving and emission reduction, the research of enterpriseoperational decision and regional emissions-trading system will be conducted. By combining the theories of sustainable development and environmental economicswith methods of system simulation and decision optimization, matters as carbon resource allocation, green manufacturing and its operational management, planning and implementation oflow-carbon operations, and green supply chain/logistics system will be effectively evaluated and optimized.
3. Human Resource Management: The research mainly focuses on human resource strategy, human resource development and international human resource management. Through the in-depth research in aspects such as talent development strategy planning, talent structure optimization and configuration, human resource development and organization human resource management in the running of international enterprises, what can be revealed is the relationship between the attributes of human resource and regional economic development, as well as the relationship between industry transformation and upgrading and organization international development. Finally, the management theories and advice of improving human resource quality and utilization efficiency can be put forward.
III. Duration of Study
The duration of study for a full-time doctoral student will normally be three years. In case of any special circumstance, one can apply to the graduate school for a proper extension, after the approval of his/her supervisor andcollege. But the duration of studycannot exceed 5 years.
IV. Training Modes
The doctoral students’ training is the responsibility of both supervisors and the supervisor team.The learning process combines course learning and scientific research, with an emphasis on the latter one.

  1. Doctoral students who major in Management Science and Economic decision are under the management of College of Management, and are supervised and regulated by administration office of Graduate School in Shenzhen University.
  2. Supervisors are responsible fordoctoral students’training, which is also a part of the responsibility of the supervisor team. The supervisor team consists of academic echelons in different directions in the field or 3 to 5 experts of or related to this field.
  3. Supervisors and the supervisor team work together to make personalized training plan, which will be implemented during the training process.
V. Curriculum Provision

  1. Course requirements
Courses for international doctoral students are made of degree courses and non-degree courses,such as General Introduction to China, Chinese Language, general theoretical courses, and specialized courses and so forth. Normally, the courses should be finished in the first three semesters. All the courses are taught in English except General Introduction to China and Chinese Language.
(1)16 credits for degree courses. The courses are basically the same as those Subordinate Discipline Doctoral Program of Theoretical Economics.They are mainly public courses of the primary Discipline Doctoral Program.
(2) Non-degree courses are mainly specialized courses of different research directions. These courses will help students to improve their understanding of professional theories and deepen professional knowledge, as well as to master corresponding methods and learn more about this field’s frontier and trends. Every research direction should at least open two courses.
(3) Doctoral students who gained an equivalent diploma, should meet the major’s (Management Science and Economic Decision) requirements of retaking courses, besides to meet the requirements of the primary Discipline Doctoral Program. Courses retaken can only gain grades, but not credits.
Doctoral students should at least earn 20 credits, among which 16 credits are degree course credits.
2. Course Credits
Doctoral students should at least earn 20 credits. See the table below for specific distributions.


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