Admission Brochure for International Students Doctoral Programs,Shenzhen University (2017)

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Shenzhen is a renowned special economic zone in China, adjacent to the two international metropolises – Hongkong and Macao. It is one of the cities in China with the most developed economy and it plays a leading role in the cause of modernization and internationalization. Shenzhen University, as one the most popular universities in China with fast growth, distinctive characteristics and huge potential, is now accelerating its pace toward a first-class university of high level, distinctive features and advanced modernization. Shenzhen University welcomes international students applying for doctoral programs. Information for applications is as follows:
1. Areas of Study
Shenzhen University offers international students PhD program in Theoretical Economics and DEng programs in Optical Engineering & Information and Communications Engineering. Introduction to the subjects and supervisors can be found on the website of “Doctoral Program for International Students, Shenzhen University”:
2. Type and Duration of the Programs
1) Type of the programs: full-time
2) Duration of the programs: Three years (a maximum of five years). International students for these programs should spend no less than a year and a half taking courses or doing research in Shenzhen University.
3. General Qualifications for Admission
1) Applicants must be citizens with a valid foreign passport (whose nationalities are not People’s Republic of China). He / She should be in good health conditions and of good conduct. He / She should also abide by the Chinese laws, regulations and the rules of the university.
2) Applicants must hold master’ degrees and are usually aged under 40.
3) It is a necessity for applicants to meet the admission requirements of the applied areas in terms of academic achievement, research ability and language proficiency. Applicants should be proficient in Chinese or English and are able to use either of them to communicate, take courses, do research and write thesis.
4. Application Dates and Deadlines
Three forms of application are available: online application, on-site application and mailing application materials. Online application (Please visit the website of “Doctoral Programs for International Students, Shenzhen University”) opens on October 8th every year and closes on April 10th the next year. Applicants can also mail application materials to the office of Graduate School of Shenzhen University (Letters must arrive before April 20th.).
5. Required Application Materials
1) Completed online application form. Applicants can apply online by visiting the website of “Doctoral Program for International Students, Shenzhen University”. Print the application form out after registration and stick an ID photo on it; or download and complete the form from the “download” link on the website and stick an ID photo on it.
2) Transcripts for postgraduate diploma, master degree certificate
★For certificates in neither Chinese or English, applicants need to provide officially translated transcripts in Chinese or English;
★Graduating students must provide certificate of expected graduation date or certificate of study. Transcripts for postgraduate diploma, master degree certificate need to be submitted after enrollment in order to get admission notice.
3) Transcripts or translation for score sheet of all the courses taken for mater degree.
★Applicants need to provide officially translated score sheet if it is in neither Chinese or English.
4) Two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors (or from persons of equivalent positions). Letters of recommendation must be originals in Chinese or English.
5) A copy of passport. The passport must be a valid ordinary passport for private affairs
6) Personal statement in Chinese or English of about 1,500 words, including area of study and supervisor, study or working experience and academic research achievement, etc.
7) An ID photo, the same as passport photo.
★Applications lack of any above materials will be disqualified. Application materials will not be returned, no matter applicants are admitted or not.
6. Evaluation Methods and Procedures
The selection of international students for doctoral programs in Shenzhen University is called application-verification system. The specific procedures are as follows:
1) Verification of qualifications. College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University is responsible for the verification of applicants’ qualifications. Qualified Applications are then passed to schools of the applied doctoral programs before April 25th.
2) Evaluation from supervisors. Relevant schools ask supervisors to evaluate the applications. Comments on evaluation and preliminary admissions are given by supervisors.
3) Evaluation on the submitted materials. Schools evaluate application materials of the candidates for admissions, including universities, majors of their previous education, research ability, morality and research potential in the applied areas. Candidates are then selected to attend the reexamination. Notice for reexamination is sent out before May 5th.
4) Reexamination. Schools of the doctoral programs examine candidates’ research ability and language proficiency (face-to-face interview or distant assessment), including statement on academic research experience and achievement, views on applied areas of study, plans for study and research. Name lists for admission are made according to the reexamination scores and are submitted to Graduate School before May 25th.
5) Formal admission. After verification, Graduate School submits the name lists for admission to the university authority. According to the final result approved by the university authority, admission office of College of International Exchange sends out documents including admission notices and visa application forms to the candidates at the end of June.
6) Registration. International students for doctoral programs register at the beginning of September. Dates of registration are printed on the admission notice. Students must register on time at College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University. Please contact admission office of College of International Exchange for more information (86-755-26558894).
7. Tuitions, Fellowships and Grants
1) Tuitions
Theoretical Economics: 25,000 RMB/ per person per year;
Optical Engineering & Information and Communications Engineering: 40,000 RMB/ per person per year
2) Fellowships and Grants
International students for doctoral programs are awarded similar fellowships as other doctoral candidates, including:
A. Fellowships. Theoretical Economics: 25,000 RMB/ per person per year; optical Engineering & Information and Communications Engineering: 40,000 RMB/ per person per year. Students must hand in application forms and are awarded fellowships after their supervisor’s evaluation.
B. Government scholarships and university grants. Shenzhen University assists international doctoral candidates to apply for scholarships from national and local governments. Students should hand in their applications first if they are qualified for the scholarships. Those who do not get government scholarships, or with government scholarships lower than 10,000 RMB a year, are awarded university grants of 40,000 RMB a year. Students with government scholarships between 10,000 and 50,000 RMB a year are awarded university grants, which, plus the government scholarships, are no less than 50, 000 RMB per year.
C. Research allowances from supervisors. Supervisors offer their international students for doctoral programs research allowances of no less than 12,000 RMB per year, for research and academic exchanges.
D. Other scholarships. Students can apply for other scholarships of the university, including: academic scholarships, scholarships for research innovation and donated scholarships, etc.
★ A student can get more than a fellowship and scholarship if he / she is qualified.
★ Students can have preferential treatment such as scholarships, grants and low accommodation fees for the first extended year of study. Such preferential treatment is not available from the second extended year of study.
3) Accommodation and Medical Insurance
International students of doctoral programs are offered the same accommodation and medical insurance as other doctoral candidates. The accommodation is arranged by the university (a single room for one student). Accommodation fee is 1,500 RMB per year, the same as other doctoral candidates. Medical insurance is covered by College of International Exchange.
8. Award of Degrees
After completing the courses in the teaching plans, getting the required credits and passing dissertation defenses, and after assessment and approval by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, candidates are awarded diplomas and certificates for doctoral degrees of Shenzhen University.
9. Contact Information
Please mail application materials to: Office of Graduate School, Shenzhen University, No. 3688 Nanhai Avenue, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Postal Code: 518060
Tel 86-755-26160142 Fax 86-755-26160142
For more information, please visit,

电话:+86-755-26536121 传真:+86-755-26534451
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