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    College of Management,SZU/






Department of Business Administration
Name Title Research fields
BAO Jianghua Assistant Professor International Business
CHEN Li Associate Professor International Business
CHEN Xue Assistant Professor & Deputy Head Corporate Finance & Internet Finance
CHEN Yanyan Associate Professor Strategic Management & Project Management
CHU Dazhi Associate Professor Management Economics & Tourism Management
CUI Shijuan Professor & Department Head Strategic Management
FANG Chanlin Associate Professor Tourism Management
FENG Jianmin Professor Operations Management & Entrepreneurship
HE Bin Associate Professor Commodity science & Investment
JIN Yuanji Assistant Professor Technical Economics & Corporate Finance
LI Tong Professor Operations Management & Entrepreneurship
LIN Mei Associate Professor Strategic Management & Project Management
LIN Ruiji Associate Professor Capital Investment &Industrial Ecology
LV Yan Associate Professor Technical Economics
MA Jianhua Assistant Professor &Deputy Head Supply Chain Management & Operations Management
PAN Yanchun Associate Professor & Associate Dean Operations Management
PAN Yanping Assistant Professor Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
WANG Xiaoting Professor Management Information System
WU Yi Assistant Professor Strategic Management &Corporate Governance
YANG Wen Assistant Professor Green Supply Chain Management & System Simulation and optimization
YANG Yi Associate Professor Human Resources & Tourism Management
YANG Yun Associate Professor Operations Management
ZENG Xianju Associate Professor Commercial Law
ZHANG Duozhong Associate Professor Innovation Management & Corporate Finance
ZHOU Ming Professor Operations Management[page
Department of Public Administration
Name Title Research fields
GAO Liang Assistant Professor NGO; Civil Society
HUANG Weiping Professor Contemporary China’s Politics
LI Shufei Assistant Professor The development of Politics in Hong Kong and Singapore; Governance in Local Government
LIANG Yuqing Assistant Professor Government Reform in China; Governance in Local Government
LIU Xiao Associate Professor & Deputy Head Urban Management, Construction of New City
LUO Wenen Assistant Professor NGO Management; Philanthropy sector
LV Yuanli Professor Politics and Public Administration in Singapore
MA Weihong Associate Professor & College Vice- Head Urban Management, Social Movement, Public Policy
SONG Tao Professor Public Accountability and Government Reform
TANG Juan Associate Professor Urban Management, Civil Society
WANG Yanhua Associate Professor Education Policy
WU Haiyan Associate Professor Reform in Public Sector and Public Institution
ZHANG Dinghuai Professor The Development of Politics in Hong Kong
ZHANG Tao Professor Contemporary China’s Politics
ZHANG Wankun Assistant Professor International Politics and  China's Diplomacy
ZHAO Yufeng Professor Public Relations and Public Policy
ZHENG Weidong Associate Professor Political Philosophy,  Administrative Ethics
ZHOU Lingang Professor Social Management and Social Policy
ZOU Shubin Associate Professor& Head Urban Management, Grassroots Election, Public Policy

Department of Human Resource Management
Name Title Research fields
DING Wanling Assistant Professor& Deputy Head Management of Knowledge Worker,Organizational Learning
DING Xiaqi Associate Professor& Deputy Head HRM, 
Organizational Behavior
HAN Xiulan Associate Professor Assessment
HE Faping Associate Professor HRM
JIANG Jianwu Associate Professor& Department Head Strategic HRM,
Employee Relations
KE Nianman Assistant Professor Assessment
LIU Jun Professor & Dean HRM
MA Xinchuan Professor Assessment
SU Fangguo Associate Professor Strategic HRM
WANG Yuting Assistant Professor International Investment Law, International Economic Law
WANG Zhong Associate Professor HRM, Organizational Behavior
WEN Shanshan Assistant Professor HRM, Organizational Behavior
XIAO Jun Associate Professor Chinese Politics, Labor Policy
YANG Longfang Professor Principle of Management, Principle of Politics, Compensation
ZENG Xihuan、 Associate Professor Public Policy,Social Security
ZHANG Zhuanling Associate Professor Communication, Social Security
Department of Marketing
Name Title Research fields
CHEN Xingyu Assistant Professor & Deputy Head New Product Innovation, User Experience Design, Mobile Internet Marketing
FU Zheming Associate Professor Marketing Innovation
HAN Wei Associate Professor Management Localization, Management Research Methodology, Relationship Management
HE Heping Associate Professor Marketing Channels and Corporation Marketing Management
JIA Fang Assistant Professor Strategic Management and Institutional Theory
KONG Rui Assistant Professor Retail Management
LIU Shixiong Professor & Department Head Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Advertising Management
LIU Yanni Assistant Professor & Deputy Head Marketing Innovation, Internet Marketing
TU Rongting Associate Professor Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Service Marketing
WEI Xia Assistant Professor Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Pricing Management
WU Xiaoling Assistant Professor Service Marketing, Customer Relationship Management
YANG Pianpian Assistant Professor Consumer Behavior, Emotion, Self-control
YU Wensheng Associate Professor Management Theory and Strategic Marketing
ZHANG Lei Assistant Professor Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Internet Marketing
ZHANG Ning Assistant Professor Consumer Behavior, Brand Management
ZHOU Zhimin Professor & Associate Dean Marketing Management, Brand Management
Department of Management Science
Name Title Research fields
CHEN Cang Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Portfolio Investment
CHU Xianghua Assistant Professor Intelligent Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, Simulation Modeling
DING Fan Assistant Professor Economics
FENG Yuanyue Assistant Professor & Deputy Head IT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, IT Outsourcing
GAN Xiaobing Associate Professor Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management
Gu Qiwei Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce
HAN Zhongxue Professor Technological Economics and Management, Investment and Financing Risk Management, Institutional Economics
LI Li Professor & Party Secretary Managerial Decision Making and Optimization, Project Management
LIN Xudong Professor Operations Management, E-Commerce, Financial Engineering
LIU Yao Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce
LUO Hanyang Associate Professor E-Commerce, Online Marketing
MA Lijun Associate Professor & Deputy Head Logistics and Supply Chain Management
NIU Ben Associate Professor & Department Head Managerial Decision Making, System Management
PAN Feng Assistant Professor Data Mining, Information Retrieval
PENG Yunfang Associate Professor Technological Economics, Enterprise Technological Innovation
QIN Quande Assistant Professor Managerial Decision Making, System Management
SONG Guangwei Associate Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce
SONG Zhenhui Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce
YAN Xiaoli Assistant Professor Economics, Finance
YANG Chen Assistant Professor Recommendation Systems & Data Mining, Social Network Analysis
YE Bin Associate Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce
Zhang Lingying Professor Managerial Decision Making, System Management
Zhang Qingyu Distinguished Professor Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Flexibility, Data Mining
ZHAO Yang Assistant Professor Information Systems, E-Commerce