20170410 Minutes of introducing the AOL

20170410 Minutes of introducing the AOL


College of Management, Shenzhen University


1400, Arts Teaching Building, Monday, April, 4th 2017.


Members present: the college dean, director of each department, curriculum committee members, teaching secretaries and two staff of Foreign Affairs Office


Meeting was called to order at 12:30 am



The college dean, Prof. Jun LIU emphasized the importance of matching the current college teaching system with AACSB AOL system. He also stressed the innovation in teaching that can leads to teachers’ awareness of what exactly do the students learn and how to teach efficiently according to different level of students.



The college associate dean, Prof. Weihong MAR, issued the characteristics of LGS and objectives/ traits. The trait is should be concrete and measurable.



The college associate dean, Prof. Yanchun PAN, introduced the concepts such as LGS, traits and Rubrics, as well as how to match the curriculum with the program learning goals.



All the attendees have a discussion.



The end of the meeting.



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