Program of Marketing

The program of Marketing contributes to both academic and practice domains of marketing by continuing the strategic goals of training high-quality marketing students, doing good marketing research and providing social services for Shenzhen and the world.


The research fields of the faculty members are focusing on brand management, consumer behavior, service marketing, new product development and other marketing research domains. The education highlights of the department focus on the training of undergraduate students with marketing practice and encourage students to do simulated marketing projects or collaborative industrial projects. Many faculty members have industrial experiences. The department offers several practical courses and simulated experiments, collaborates with industrial companies on campus competitions in practical marketing projects, builds off-campus internship base, and hosts seminars on a series of marketing topics. These activities provide a good support to the department’s long-term mission.


The graduates from Department of Marketing are very popular among employers for their solid knowledge, open eye sights, and strong practical skills. Based on a very recognized report from in 2015, the graduates in Marketing from Shenzhen University are the most popular among high-tech employers (Top 5 among all the universities in China), which demonstrated the wide recognition of students graduated from the department.



Courses for Bachelor of Management in Marketing


NO. Courses Credits Compulsory/




13008600 Basic Computer Applications 2.5 Compulsory Fall/1
19006900 Advanced Mathematics C (1) 4 Compulsory Fall/1
4011100 Principle of Management Science 4 Compulsory Fall/1
4008600 Public Management 4 Compulsory Fall/1
15010400 Multimedia Technology and Application 3 Compulsory Spring/2
19006900 Advanced Mathematics C (2) 4 Compulsory Spring/2
4031400 Micro-economics 3 Compulsory Spring/2
4013900 Macro-economics 2 Compulsory Fall/3
4030500 Principle of Statistics 3 Compulsory Fall/3
4010200 Management Information Systems 2 Compulsory Fall/3
4029700 Marketing Science 3 Compulsory Spring/4
4040400 Organizational Behavior 3 Compulsory Spring/4
4025100 Development and Management of Human Resources 2 Compulsory Spring/4
4033400 Customers‘ Behavior 3 Compulsory Spring/4
4017000 Economic Laws 3 Elective Spring/4
19003600 Probability Theory 2 Elective Spring/4
4014400 Accounting Principle 2 Elective Spring/4
4026800 Business English (1) 2 Elective Spring/4
4000600 Statistical Analysis and SPSS Application 1.5 Elective Spring/4
4033600 Development of New Products 2 Elective Spring/4
4029300 Marketing Survey 3 Compulsory Fall/5
4013000 International Marketing 2 Compulsory Fall/5
4005600 Management of Pricing 2 Elective Fall/5
4026900 Business English (2) 2 Elective Fall/5
4011900 An Introduction to Advertising 2 Elective Fall/5
4031200 Network Marketing 2 Elective Fall/5
4019900 Retail Management 2 Elective Fall/5
4030800 Sales Promotion 2 Elective Fall/5
4028000 Methodology of Social Science 2 Compulsory Spring/6
4002100 Financial Management 3 Compulsory Spring/6
4006900 Service Marketing 2 Elective Spring/6
4023600 Management of Commercial Channels 2 Elective Spring/6
4002800 Management of Sales Promotion 2 Elective Spring/6
4021800 Brand Management 2 Elective Spring/6
4058000 Cultural Marketing 2 Elective Spring/6
4019200 Management of Client Relations 3 Elective Spring/6
4043000 Theory and Practice of ERP 2 Elective Spring/6
4029200 Production and Operations management 3 Elective Spring/6
4023200 Company Strategic Management 3 Compulsory Fall/7
4063000 Marketing Simulated Experiment 3 Compulsory Fall/7
4041700 Seminar on Hot-spot Industries Marketing 2 Elective Fall/7
4042800 Sales Management 2 Elective Fall/7
4035400 Analysis of Marketing Cases 2 Elective Fall/7
4035600 Lectures on Marketing Frontier Issues 2 Elective Fall/7
4070000 Industrial Marketing 2 Elective Fall/7
4070100 Product Experience Design 2 Elective Fall/7
4070300 Mobile Internet Marketing 2 Elective Fall/7
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