Experimental Teaching Center for Economics and Management

The Experimental Centre was built in 2005. It covers an area of 824.72 square meters with almost 500 equipments, which is worth about 6 million RMB in total. The Experimental center consists of Integrated Information Management Laboratory, Ecommerce innovation entrepreneurship Laboratory, ERP Laboratory, Merchandising Laboratory and so on, which serves the teaching and experiment for our college. In addition to be awarded the first Experimental and Teaching Demonstration Center of Shenzhen University in 2007, the experimental center has been awarded Advanced Experimental and Teaching unit for years and was granted as development organization of experimental and teaching demonstration center of university in Guangdong Province in 2012.

The Experimental Centre normally offers 45 experimental courses and 230 experimental programs. Every year, it organizes and assists students to attend sorts of activities related to experiment and teaching, researches and competitions. So far, it has help student achieve 5 global prizes, 155 national ones and 38 prizes at provincial level involving the competitions such as The Peak Time, The National Contest of College Students Sand Table, Venture Competition and Decision-Making Simulation Management Contest.

Address: Arts Building, 3688 Nanhai Ave, Shenzhen 518060, P.R. China
Tel: +86 755 26536121 Fax: +86 755 26534451