Center for Consumer Behavior and Marketing (CCBM)


The Center for Consumer Behavior and Marketing (CCBM) focuses on brand relationships and communities, advertising languages, E-compulsive buying behavior, customer loyalty program, and other related fields. The center has 8 faculty members, including 2 professors, 2 associate professors and 4 assistant professors. All of them obtained Ph.D. degrees. Most of the faculty members have oversea studying or working experiences. In recent years, 9 projects in the CCBM have been financially supported by the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation in an amount of around 2.55 million RMB. Several pieces of paper were cited by SSCI. Several international academic awards were granted to the researchers in the CCBM



Dr. Zhimin Zhou Professor,

Dr. Shixiong Liu Professor,

Dr. Rongting Tu Associate Professor,

Dr. Heping He Associate Professor,

Dr. Fang Jia Assistant Professor,

Dr. Xia Wei Assistant Professor,

Dr. Ning Zhang Assistant Professor,

Dr. Xingyu Chen Assistant Professor,

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