Interdisciplinary Innovation Research Group

The Interdisciplinary Innovation Research Group in School of Management is one of the eight groups that are funded byShenzhen University for team innovation. It consists of 11scholars from School of Management, School of Civil Engineering and School of Economics. It is a very young team, in which the average age of members is 32 years old. The vast majority of the team members have overseas background. Among them, thereappear3 “Liyuan Excellent Scholars” winners, 5 “Overseas High-level Talents Peacock Plan” winners, and 1 “High-level Professionals of Shenzhen” winner, and 2 winners of “Qianbaishi Talents” in Guangdong Province. The research area of this group includes intelligent optimization, intelligent decision-making and modern operation. The members have hosted 15 NSFC projects in recent years, and the total received funding amount is more than 10 million RMB, The team members have published more than 80 SCI and SSCI indexed papers, and obtained more than 50 academic awards. The team is focused on the innovation of the management science frontier theory breakthrough and application practice innovation in both academia and industry domain based on the multi-disciplinary collaboration.


The following table shows the detailed information of the team members.
Name Gender Academic title/ Degree Research Interest Role in the Group
Ben Niu Male Associate professor/ PhD Intelligent optimization Team leader and core participant of intelligent optimization direction
Lijun Ma Male Associate professor/ PhD Logistics and supply chain management Deputy team leader andcore participant of modern operation direction
Quande Qin Male Assistant Professor/ PhD Management decision making and optimization/energy economy Core participant of intelligent decision-making direction
Mingzhu Yu Female Assistant Professor/ PhD Logistics engineering/traffic engineering Core participant of modern operation direction
HaoLuo Male Assistant Professor/ PhD Optimization algorithm /


Production logistics and intelligent decision-making
Core participant of intelligent decision-making direction
Xianghua Chu Male Assistant Professor/ PhD Swarm intelligence Participant of intelligent optimization direction
Chen Yang Male Assistant Professor/ PhD Intelligent decision support system Participant of intelligent decision-making direction
YuanyueFeng Mae Assistant Professor/ PhD Behavioral operations management Participant of modern operation direction
Xudong Lin Male Professor/ PhD Business Intelligence Participant of modern operation direction
Li Li Female Professor/ PhD Intelligence optimization and management Special consultant
XiaobingGan Female Professor/ PhD Logistics system optimization Special consultant


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