Department of Management Science

The Department of Management Science (MS) was originally established in 1989, and later merged into the College of Management in 1997. The MS department contributes to both academic and practice domains of management science with the mission of educating professionals applying information technology to economic management field in China. The MS department has two undergraduate programs: Information Management and Information Systems, and E-commerce.


The high-level faculty of the MS department consists of 24 full time members. There are 8 professors, 7 associate professors and 9 assistant professors. Renowned scholars are regularly invited to participate in teaching and research in MS department as visiting professors. The faculty’s research interest covers a wide range of topics in management science, including business intelligence and managerial decision making, management information systems, e-commerce, supply chain and logistics management, and financial engineering. In recent years, the MS department has undertaken more than 30 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, provincial and municipal government agencies, and industrial companies. Their research findings are published in the major international journals and the top tier Chinese journals. As a cross-disciplinary academic unit, the MS department emphasizes a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies in all levels of research and the practical application of information technology in management, providing scientific solutions for business management.


The graduates from the MS department are very popular among employers for their solid knowledge, open eye sights, and strong practical skills. In recent years, graduates of the MS department primarily engage in the work of computer application software, implementing and maintenance of various management information systems, constructing networks, and management consultants and enterprise information management.


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