Department of Human Resource Management

Since its establishment in 2001, the mission of the Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) is to improve academic and practice of HRM in China. The faculty of HRM department includes 3 professors, 9 associate professors and 4 assistant professors. The faculty makes well acknowledged achievements by highly concentrating both on teaching and research.


The undergraduate program of HRM emphasizes on systematic thinking and “learning by doing” with encouraging students to participate in practical courses, experiments, diagnostic and consulting projects, campus competitions, off-campus internship and trainee programs,and seminars on HRM. By doing so, knowledge (why) and action (how) are united. Every year, about 120 graduates from the department are employed by business or non-business sectors and highly appreciated by employers for their systematic knowledge and skills in HRM, responsibility, team spirit and ability to innovate.


The research conducted by the faculty in HRM department mainly focus on macro-level and micro-level HRM, which include the fields of labor policy, social security, talent management, employee relations, strategic HRM, assessment, organizational behavior and so on. Some studies are supported by academic foundations such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province.


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