The MPM (Master of Project Management) program in Shenzhen University started in 2010. The MPM program aims at training students to become high-level innovative project management professionals with both scientific and humanistic spirit. Students can get both Master Degree Certificate and International Project Manager Professional (IPMP) Certificate when they graduate from this program.



After years of IPMP certification and discipline construction, we accumulate a number of outstanding teachers. Full-time college teachers account for about 80% of the overall lecturing group. The part-time teachers are mainly senior project manager or top leaders in renowned enterprises. They will integrate the management theory and practice to give the students vivid lectures.



Candidates should have at least three years’ work experience after they got a bachelor’s degree or at least two years’ work experience after they got master or doctoral degree. They will participate in an entrance examination including English, Mathematics, Logic and Writing and a second-round interview examination in order to join this program.




Courses for Master of Project Management(MPM)
No. Course Title Credit Compulsory/ Elective Season/


201006002 Dialectics of Nature 2 Compulsory Fall/1
201006001 English 3 Compulsory Fall/1
201006003 Information Retrieval 1 Compulsory Fall/1
201006004 Intellectual Property Rights 1 Compulsory Fall/1
201006005 Theory of Contemporary Management 2 Compulsory Fall/1
201006006 Operations Research 2 Compulsory Fall/1
201006008 Project Management 2 Compulsory Fall/1
201006007 Technological Economics 2 Compulsory Spring/2
201006009 Project Planning and Control 2 Compulsory Spring/2
201006010 Economic Law and Contract Law 2 Compulsory Spring/2
201006013 Financial Management 2 Elective Spring/2
201006014 Human Resources and Communication Management 2 Elective Spring/2
201006015 Marketing Management 2 Elective Spring/2
201006021 Research Methods and Thesis Writing 0.5 Compulsory Spring/2
100643011 Application of Project Management Software 1 Compulsory Fall/3
201006012 Industry Application Case 1 Compulsory Fall/3
201006016 Quality and Risk Management 2 Elective Fall/3
201006017 Research and Development Management 2 Elective Fall/3
201006018 Real Estate Management 2 Elective Fall/3
201006019 Information Technology and E-commerce 2 Elective Fall/3
201006020 Tourism and Exhibition Management 2 Elective Fall/3
201006022 Lecture of Frontier 1 Compulsory Fall/3
201006023 Thesis Proposal   Compulsory Spring/4
201006024 Interim Progress Report   Compulsory Fall/5


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