The MBA (Master of Business Administration) program in Shenzhen University started in 2007. This program aims at training students’ entrepreneurship and improving their ability to work in or establish a real company. It emphasizes fostering students’ international vision and the capacity for strategic thinking and global communication with foreigners in business. The students of our MBA program mainly worked in MNEs, State-owned enterprises or Entrepreneurial firms in Shenzhen or overseas.


The program takes advantage of the strength of local resources to design practical teaching materials that oriented to the innovation management. We cooperate with many excellent companies to expand our practical teaching bases to establish a three-dimensional system of teaching methods. We also offer overseas business visiting for the MBA students to expand their horizons. Besides, we provide exclusive classrooms and seminar rooms which are equipped with modern multimedia devices.


We also have ERP laboratory, E-commerce laboratory, Financial Engineering laboratory, Logistics laboratory, High-Performance servers and Computer lab.


Besides, we have a number of high quality MBA teachers who also take various ways to realize practical teaching, such as group case discussion, corporation research, symposium with entrepreneur, role playing and cases analyzing contest. We make use of geography preponderance to cooperate with many famous scholars overseas -- USA, Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.


Candidates should have at least three years’ working experience after they got bachelor degree or at least two years’ working experience after they got master degree. They will take an entrance examination including English, Mathematics, Logic and Writing and a second-round interview examination in order to enter this program.


Courses for Master of Business Administration(MBA)
No. Course Title Credits Compulsory/




2008002 Business English I 2 Compulsory Fall/1
2008105 Human Resource Management 3 Compulsory Fall/1
2008101 Management Economics 3 Compulsory Fall/1
2008102 Data, Modeling and Decision 3 Compulsory Fall/1
2008108 Operation Management 2 Compulsory Fall/1
2008103 Finance and Accounting 2 Compulsory Fall/1
2008109 Management Information System 2 Compulsory Fall/1
2008301 Management Skills 2 Compulsory Fall/1
2012003 Business English II 2 Compulsory Spring/2
2008106 Strategy Management 3 Compulsory Spring/2
2008107 Marketing Management 3 Compulsory Spring/2
2008108 Organization Behavior 2 Compulsory Spring/2
2011419 Project Management 2 Elective Spring/2
2009207 Corporation Social Responsibility 2 Elective Spring/2
2011405 Brand Management 2 Elective Fall/3
2010208 Business Simulation 2 Elective Fall/3
2008203 New Venture Creation 2 Elective Fall/3
2011416 Capital Market Investment 2 Elective Fall/3
2008302 Overseas & Domestic Study Tour 2 Compulsory 1-3
2008303 MBA Forum 2 Compulsory 1-3
2008400-1 Emergency Management 0.25 Elective 1-3
2008400-2 Art Cultivation 0.25 Elective 1-3
2008205 Business Communication 2 Elective 1-3
2008400-3 Business Law 0.25 Elective 1-3
2008400-4 Corporation Governance 0.25 Elective 1-3
2008400-5 Case Study 0.25 Elective 1-3


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