Master of Management in Management Science and Engineering

The postgraduate program in management science and engineering (MSE) started in 2003. MSE program consists of four directions: Intelligent Management and Decision, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Management and E-commerce, and Financial Engineering.


This program aims to present at postgraduate level the theories, methods, support techniques and skills required for efficient and effective management in the business, commercial, industrial and public sectors. With our training system, the outcomes are encouraging: most of the graduate students have published papers in journals or academic conferences, and 70% of the students get various scholarships/funding. The prospect of our students are broad including (a) Academia: pursuing Ph.D. degree in the United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other foreign and domestic universities, and (b) Industry: working in banking, finance, consulting, IT, government and other fields.


Courses for Master of Management in Management Science and Engineering


No Course Title Credits Compulsory/Elective Season/Semester
603009 Decision Theory 3 Compulsory Fall/1
603007 Research methods of information system 3 Compulsory Fall/1
603008 Multivariate Statistical analysis 3 Compulsory Fall/1
603011 Management research method 2 Compulsory Fall/1
603019 Optimization theories and methods 2 Elective Fall/1
603013 E-commerce 3 Elective Fall/1
603028 Finance engineering 2 Elective Fall/1
603006 Advanced operation research 3 Compulsory Spring/2
603031 Logistics and supply chain management 2 Elective Spring/2
603027 Risk Management for Finance 2 Elective Spring/2
603023 Economic game theory 2 Elective Fall/3
603025 Business intelligence systems 2 Elective Fall/3

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