Master of Political Science

The Political Science discipline at Shenzhen University is a national level master degree offering post-graduate educational program. It covers four main areas of studies and research including: studies of Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan politics, contemporary Chinese politics, comparative politics and local governance innovation. At present, there are 17 full-time staffs, 7 part-time staffs employed by the program. The composition of the teaching and research staffs consist of: professors (41%), associate professors (35%) and lecturers (24%). The program has won numerous national level awards, and currently manages an academic journal named Contemporary Chinese Politics Report.



Courses for Master of Management in Political Science
No Course Title Credits Compulsory Season/Semester
604004 Topics in Political Theories 3 Compulsory Fall/1
604007 Contemporary Chinese Political Institution 3 Compulsory Fall/1
604009 Topics in Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy 3 Compulsory Fall/1
604010 History of Socialist Thought 3 Compulsory Fall/1
604012 Topics in Chinese Political Culture and System 2 Elective Fall/1
604019 Government and Politics in East Asia 2 Elective Fall/1
603001 English Language Training of Political Science 1 Compulsory Spring/2
604005 Political Science Research Methodology 3 Compulsory Spring/2
604008 International Politics 3 Compulsory Spring/2
604011 Introduction to Contemporary Socialism 3 Compulsory Spring/2
604013 Topics in Western Political Institution 2 Elective Spring/2
604014 Seminar on China's Political Reform 2 Elective Spring/2
604015 Political Development Theories Seminar 2 Elective Spring/2
604017 Modern Electoral Systems and Theories Seminar 2 Elective Spring/2
604018 Government and Politics in Hong Kong 2 Elective Spring/2
604006 Selected Readings of Western Political Science 3 Compulsory Fall/3
604016 Modern Political Party Systems Seminar 2 Elective Fall/3




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