Master of Management in Public Administration

The postgraduate program in public administration started in 1998. This program includes two disciplines, namely, Public Administration Theory and Reform, and Social Management and Public Policy. This program aims to provide students with solid theoretical knowledge of public administration and comprehensive practical skills that are demanded by the government, government-owned enterprises, and social organizations. Our teaching and research expertise offers students a vibrant academic environment which enables them to engage creatively and critically with the key public administration challenges facing contemporary word –locally, regionally and globally.


Courses for Master of Management in Public Administration


No Course Title Credits Compulsory/Elective Season/Semester
00000001 Theory & Practice of Scientific Socialism 1 Compulsory Fall/1
00000002 Selected Work of Marxism 2 Compulsory Fall/1
601005 Theory and Method of Political Science 3 Compulsory Fall/1
601006 Study of Theory of Public Economics 3 Compulsory Fall/1
601007 Study of Theory of Public Administration 3 Compulsory Fall/1
601008 Study of Theory of Public Policy 3 Compulsory Spring/2
601009 Study of Public Management 2 Elective Spring/2
601011 Study of Administrative Ethics 2 Elective Spring/2
601012 Case Study of Public Management 2 Elective Spring/2
601016 Methodology of Social Sciences 2 Elective Spring/2
601018 Study of Constitution and Administrative Laws 2 Elective Spring/2
601001 English in Specialized Subject 1 Compulsory Fall/3
601021 Research design and methods 2 Compulsory Fall/3
601010 Study of Performance Management in Public Sector 2 Elective Fall/3
601013 Study of Public Finance 2 Elective Fall/3
601003 Literature Readings 1 Compulsory Spring/4
601004 Teaching Practice / Compulsory Spring/4
601020 Readings in Classical Works 2 Elective Spring/4
00000004 Advanced English 5 Compulsory /
601002 Lectures 2 Compulsory /
601014 Study of Civil Service System 2 Elective /
601015 Study of Municipal Management 2 Elective /
601017 Study of Social Security 2 Elective /
601019 Study of Frontiers in Public Management 2 Elective /


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