• Management Science Frontier Forum( the 34th)

      Buildings consume nearly 50% of the total energy in the U.S., which drives the need to develop high-fidelity models for building energy systems. Extensive methods and techniques have been developed, studied, and applied to building energy simulation and forecasting, while most of work have focused on developing dedicated modeling approach for generic buildings.  

    lecturer:Prof. Can Cui


        Can Cui is a Data Scientist working at the Research Lab of Intel Corporation, California, United States. She is currently focusing on Sales and Marketing data analytics and insights generation. She was graduated from Industrial Engineering PhD program, Arizona State University, 2016. She got the B.S. degree of Transportation Management from Beijing Jiaotong University, 2010. Her specialties are data analytics, predictive modeling, big data processing and time series forecasting. She has been working on a project sponsored by the United States Department of Energy for 5+ years. The project is to improve the building energy consumption modeling by using data-driven predictive modeling techniques and machine learning methods. Her publications appear in Applied Energy, Expert Systems with Applications and INFORMS conferences.  


    location:1400 meeting room

    Time:2017-01-10 11:32:00

  • Management Science Frontier Forum (the 20th)

    Lecture Topic: From Information Systems to Business Analytics: A Big Data Driven Methodology

    lecturer:Professor Xu Weifu (Renmin University of China)

    Wei Xu, male, Ph.D., deputy director of the Smart City Research Center of People's University of China, director of Information Systems and Information big data applications laboratory of Renmin University of China, Associate Professor, doctoral supervisor, "Systems Engineering" newspaper editor, the Secretary-General of China Systems Engineering Society of Information Systems Engineering Committee. The main research focus is on financial management, e-commerce, smart city and information systems. Hosted several projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences planning fund, Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Social Science Foundation and a number of financial enterprises cooperation projects, Journal of Systems Science and Information.

    location:H3-400 MBA classrooms

    Time:2016-06-16 09:00:00

  • International Symposium on Modeling and Simulation of Complex Management Systems

    On June 5, 2016, College of Management at SZU and the research team of China Natural Science Foundation in Huazhong University (No.71531009) jointly organized The Second International Symposium on Modeling and Simulation (ISMSCS 2016).

    lecturer:Professor Christos Alexopoulos and other experts

    Professor Christos Alexopoulos and professor Anton Kleywegt from Georgia Institute of Technology, professor Young-Jun Son from University of Arizona, professor Sally Brailsford from University of Southampton, professor Chen Xu from University of electronic Science and Technology.

    location:Conference Room 1400

    Time:2016-06-05 09:00:00

  • Management Workshop Storm

    March 11, sponsored by the Osaka City University and my school, the sino-Japanese innovation and entrepreneurship education seminar held successfully in Shenzhen University

    lecturer:Professor Takashi Ozawa and others

     Dr. Pan Yanping,  director of School of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center hosted Shenzhen University,
    Professor Li Tong, professor from Shenzhen University, college
    Professor Takashi Ozawa, Associate Professor Takashi Ozawa, Osaka City University Graduate School of Urban Studies and create synergies


    Time:2016-05-18 14:30:00

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